binutils development (was Re: Problems building binutils-000220snapshot)

Alan Modra alan@SPRI.Levels.UniSA.Edu.Au
Tue Feb 22 04:18:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Alan Modra wrote:

> In other words, you can treat H.J's releases as a sourceware snapshot,
> with maybe one or two fixes, that has been checked to work on Linux.  I
> try to ensure that H.J's patches find their way into sourceware, and also
> notify H.J. if I find and fix a flaw that warrants a new release from him.
> This hasn't always been so.  Earlier on, H.J's releases diverged rather
> more, often containing a large number of fixes and new features.

I have to retract this statement after looking over H.J's current release.
There's more than just one or two fixes.  Some nice features added too:
--demangler and --style options for various binutils, and --redefine-sym
for objcopy.  Sourceware has some catching up to do.

The IBM 370 support is going in tonight.

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