[PATCH RFA] bfd/configure.in, bfd/configure

Kevin Buettner kevinb@cygnus.com
Thu Feb 17 11:20:00 GMT 2000

On Feb 17, 12:12pm, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

>    +changequote(,)dnl
>    +  rs6000-*-aix4.[3-9]* | powerpc-*-aix4.[3-9]*)
>    +changequote([,])dnl
>    +        COREFILE=rs6000-core.lo
>    +	;;
> Consider: is there any preprocessor macro defined on AIX that you can
> check for this, rather than relying on a configuration name match?

I looked for one, but saw nothing that I felt comfortable using.  (I
was hoping to see a macro which was only used by the new format, but
oddly enough there is nothing like this.  The old (pre-4.3) struct
user was renamed to struct user41 and some of the macros associated
with this structure were also renamed, but this does not seem like
something that I should rely on being there in future versions of

> The file rs6000-core.c is only compiled on an AIX target, so it is OK
> to check for AIX specific preprocessor macros, if there are any.
> What should happen for aix5?

I don't know.  Given that the core file format changed in AIX 4.1 and
now again in 4.3, it seemed presumptuous to assume that the current
format will still be in use for AIX 5.*.  (I'm probably presuming too
much about AIX 4.4 thru 4.9!)


Kevin Buettner
kev@primenet.com, kevinb@redhat.com

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