Patch to allow targets to prevent inlining

Doug Evans
Mon Feb 14 15:50:00 GMT 2000

Nick Clifton writes:
 > Hi Guys,
 >   The patch below creates a new target macro which will allows
 >   individual backends to prevent inlining of particular functions.
 >   This ability is useful for the ARM an MCore ports which support
 >   naked functions (ie functions whoes prologues and epilogues are
 >   provided by the programmer, not the compiler).  Such functions
 >   should not be inlined but currently there is no way to prevent
 >   this. 
 >   Is it OK to apply this patch ?

You're working too hard Nick.  This goes to gcc-patches (or whatever).

But, while we're talkin' :-),
How about making `naked' a standard attribute?
Then you could do away with this because you could have gcc
proper not allow inlining of naked fns.

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