patch for 102785-CR-1

Nick Clifton
Fri Feb 11 16:47:00 GMT 2000

Hi Chandra,

: Here is the patch for it. Please let me know if the patch is fine or
: not.

This patch is basically OK, but there are a couple of things that need
to be fixed:

  1. You only supplied a ChangeLog entry for the patch tp d30v-opc.c.
     You also need to supply a ChangeLog entry for the patch to

  2. The change of the comment in d30v.h is incorrect.

! #define FLAG_2WORD	(1L<<16)	/* 1 word/2 byte &2 word/4 byte 
! 					   operations. Need to be fixed later */

     This ought to read:

! #define FLAG_2WORD	(1L<<16)	/* Old meaning: a 2 word, 4 byte operation.
! 					   New meaning: operation cannot be combined
!                                           in parallel with ADD/SUBppp.  */

Also there are a couple of procedural points as well:

Firstly when you include a ChangeLog entry with a patch, please do not
do it as a context diff, rather just attach it as plain text.
ChangeLogs change so frequently that it is rarely possible to just
apply a patch to them.

Secondly, since this patch only affects the assembler for the d30v
there is no need to send the patch to the gcc-patches mailing list.
That list is only intended for patches that affect gcc in some way.

Please fix these small problems and then resubmit your patch.


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