PATCH assembler preprocessor options

Timothy Wall
Tue Feb 8 08:57:00 GMT 2000

This patch adds some options to the assembler preprocessor.
DOUBLEBAR_PARALLEL handles parallel instruction syntax, e.g.

    add reg1, reg2 || load reg1, addr1
    sub reg1, reg2
||  store reg1, addr1

Also added is KEEP_WHITE_AROUND_COLON, which, if defined, keeps
whitespace around a colon instead of eliminating it, e.g.

label:x:   add reg1, reg2 // multiple white after label:x: becomes
single white
label:x: add reg1, reg2   // instead of being removed altogether.

       * gas/app.c (do_scrub_chars): Handle "||" for parallel
        when DOUBLEBAR_PARALLEL is defined.  Avoid stripping whitespace
        around colons when KEEP_WHITE_AROUND_COLON is defined.
        * doc/internals.texi (CPU backend): Document DOUBLEBAR_PARALLEL

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