Comming release

Brendan J Simon
Mon Feb 7 19:52:00 GMT 2000

David O'Brien wrote:

> Hello,
> I wanted to ask if there are plans for a Binutils release anytime soon.
> FreeBSD is direly in need of a newer Binutils than 2.9.1.  We have found
> bugs in 2.9.1 on the Alpha platform that I see are fixed in the anoncvs
> repository.  Also we desire better x86 CPU instruction support, such as
> MMX, 3Dnow, etc... than 2.9.1 offers.
> Alternately, is anyone willing to ensure that what is current in the
> anoncvs repository is of release quality?

I use H.J.Lu's  snapshots from the following site

It has 2.9.1.x.y, 2.9.4.x.y and 2.9.5.x.y.

I know it has many fixes for x86, powerpc and probably alpha as well.

Hope that helps,
Brendan Simon.

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