PATCH GAS numbers with radix in suffix

Timothy Wall
Mon Feb 7 10:34:00 GMT 2000

'T' for base ten is not included.  No suffix (or prefix) is assumed to be
base 10.  Those of you who have a different number of fingers and toes
may complain about the default.
Leading zeros are not required.  A leading zero without a suffix is still
interpreted as octal.
Prefixes take precedence over suffixes.
Case is ignored on suffixes.

This is basically an extension of the suffixes allowed by MRI mode, so
the same general rules will apply.  I'll add the notes to internal.texi.

DJ Delorie wrote:

> What about `T' for base 10?
> The examples only show numbers with leading zeros.  Does it work with
> other leading digits?
> What happens with numbers like 0x1b ?
> Is case ignored for these suffixes?

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