Binutils repository freeze is (finally!) over

Alexandre Oliva
Mon Feb 7 01:37:00 GMT 2000

On Feb  7, 2000, Alan Modra <alan@SPRI.Levels.UniSA.Edu.Au> wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Jason Molenda wrote:

>> newcvsroot binutils binutils-src

> Hmm.  I found I needed an extra `/src'

Something went wrong in the move.  What used to be
/cvs/binutils/binutils is now /cvs/src/src.  The binutils subdirectory
is the binutils subdirectory of the binutils-$VERSION distribution,
not the root of the binutils CVS module.

So the command to get it right at this moment is:

newcvsroot src binutils-src

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