Binutils repository freeze is (finally!) over

Jason Molenda
Sun Feb 6 21:04:00 GMT 2000

The good news:  I'm all done!

The less good news:  You all need to modify your checked out trees!

The old CVSROOT of is now obsolete --
do not check in anything to that repository (I'll make it read-only
later this week), do not expect to see any changes over there.

You have three ways of fixing your checked out tree:  (1) Run a script
over it which will fix all the pathnames, (2) grab a tarred up copy of
a checked out tree, or (3) check it out from scratch from CVS.

  To do (1), I've attached a script that Roland McGrath wrote a while ago
  for the glibc CVS repo move; it was used again for the EGCS repo move,
  and now it will serve us a third time.  If your checked out copy of
  binutils is in a subdirectory called "binutils-src", you would run
  the script like this:

    newcvsroot binutils binutils-src

  I don't think it is a particularly portable script--you probably won't
  be able to to use this with most vendor's Bourne shells.  It works under

  For (2), download

  and uncompress it.  Do a 'cvs update' in there and you'll be up to date.
  This tree was checked out with the pserver CVS method, so it is only
  suitable for people who do anonymous read-only access.  

  If you have write access, you'll need to run Roland's script on your
  directory after you've downloaded this tar file.  People using SSH
  authentication for write access have their username encoded in the
  Root file, so I can't provide a generic tar file for them.

  For (3), check out a new tree like this:

    cvs -d login

  (type "anoncvs" for the password)

    cvs -z9 -d co binutils


  There were no changes to the binutils repository in this move -- I
  treated it as the master set of sources so you should see no difference
  except that the location of the repository has changed.

  The point of this whole exercise was to create a single repository
  with GDB and binutils in it (and later more things).  If you're doing
  work on both GDB and binutils, this change should make you very happy.

  Avoid doing a "cvs update -d" to pick up new directories.  Your checked
  out tree will about quadruple in size.  If you want to pick up new
  directories in the binutils project, go to the directory _above_
  your tree and run

    cvs -z9 -d co binutils 

  Only new files and files that have changed will be transferred; it
  isn't as bad as doing a full checkout.

  The top-level shared files and directories are now logged to a separate
  mailing list, "src-cvs".  The "include" directory is still logged to
  binutils-cvs, but e.g. libiberty is logged to src-cvs.  There is a web
  archive in the usual place for src-cvs.

Contact me with any questions!

Free the Software!

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