Important binutils CVS announcement: Repository freeze coming up this week

Jason Molenda
Thu Feb 3 00:29:00 GMT 2000

Hi folks,

I am going to be rearranging some CVS repositories on
If you have write access to the binutils CVS repository, this note applies
to you.

Starting around noon Friday (2000-02-04 20:00 UTC) I will be combining
the GDB CVS repository on sourceware with the binutils CVS repository
on sourceware into a single CVS repository.  I will send out a note when
the repository freeze has started.

I intend to finish the merging on that same day, at which time I'll send
out instructions for updating your checked-out CVS trees to work with the
new repository.  I will send out a confirmation note when I am finished
so people know when they can start checking things in to binutils again.

This repository merging will not change binutils in any way -- binutils
is being treated as the master repository in this consolidation and any
files that are duplicated between the GDB repository and the binutils
repository will be the binutils versions.

When I am done, there will be a new repository with both gdb and binutils
in it, along with dejagnu.  In the near future, we plan to add a few other
things maintained here at Cygnus, like Cygwin and Newlib.  I cannot make
any promises about when those will be migrated.

I will keep the projects separated via CVS modules so that people checking
out "binutils" will only get the binutils sources; people checking out
"gdb" will only get the gdb sources.  The only drawback to this approach
is that you will get a big surprise if you do a "cvs update -d" at
the top-level (to avoid this, do a "cvs co binutils" while above the
checked out tree; that will check out any new directories that have been
recently added).  People do not frequently run update -d, so I this is
not a major concern.


In summary:  No check-ins to binutils starting at 8pm UTC on Friday until
I am done, which may be until some time during the weekend.  This change
will not be a big deal for binutils developers; you'll need to modify
the CVS/Root and CVS/Repositories files in your checked-out trees, and
I'll dig up a script that someone wrote for the GCC project when they
changed the repo name from "/cvs/egcs" to "/cvs/gcc".

If you have any questions about this, contact me directly.

Free the Software!

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