bfd Patch for -relax on sh-hms

Dave Brolley
Wed Feb 2 15:44:00 GMT 2000


This patch prevents the linker from switching the order of the
two insns in the test below when -relax is specified for the
sh-hms target. It does this by checking for interference between
both the source and target registers of each insn pair being
considered. Here is the test case

        .align  2
        mov     r2,r1
        mov.l   L1,r1
L1:     .long   0

If this patch is OK, could someone please commit it and let me
know. I don't have write access to binutils. Also, I'm not
subscribed to this list, so please email me directly.

Dave Brolley
Wed Jan  5 13:18:04 PST 2000  Toshiyasu Morita (

        * coff-sh.c (USES1_REG, USES2_REG, SETS1_REG, SETS2_REG,
        USESF1_REG, USESF2_REG, SETSF1_REG, SETSF2_REG): New macros.
        * (sh_insn_sets_reg, sh_insn_sets_freg): New prototypes.
        * (sh_insn_sets_reg, sh_insn_uses_or_sets_reg, sh_insns_sets_freg,
        sh_insns_uses_or_sets_freg): New functions.
        * (sh_insn_uses_regs, sh_insn_uses_freg): Use new macros.
        * (sh_insns_conflict): Use new functions and new macros to 
        detect conflicts when two instructions both set same integer registers,
        both set same fp register, and both set special register.

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