IBM S/370 and binutils

H.J. Lu
Fri Oct 29 10:05:00 GMT 1999

> Talk to  They maintain the lists of official ELF
> machine numbers.  They'll give you a number if you ask, although
> sometimes you have to ask a few times.  It may help to pull in
> somebody from IBM; they seem to take big companies more seriously than
> free software people.

I am looking at the draft of the next SVR4 gABI. 9 is reserved. In the
previous email from Joel at SCO, it will be used for EM_S370.

> First, though, is there some reason that it is inappropriate to use
> EM_S370?  I don't know anything about the 370, so that may be a stupid
> question.

Linas, does Linux/i370 use the same ABI as defined by Amdahl's EM_S370?
If we do, we can use it. Otherwise, we have to apply for a new EM_I370.

H.J. Lu (

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