object file formats

David Fokkema fokkema@nat.vu.nl
Thu Oct 28 00:37:00 GMT 1999

Hi there!

Some week ago, I sent you a mail concerning object file formats used when 
interfacing c with asm. Because the output of objdump -i contained error 
messages, I thought that my problem (nasm aout object files had no 
external symbols resolved) had to do with djgpp's linker or object file 
format definitions. Apparently, I was wrong. It was a bug in nasm 0.97. 
In version 0.98, this bug is resolved and ld behaves just fine. So I hope 
you didn't put too much time in trying to solve my problem. The error 
messages of objdump -i remain, of course, but I don't know if that is a 
real problem. Consider that as a possible bug report.

Thanks for your time,

David Fokkema

E-mail: fokkema@nat.vu.nl

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