Patch to get rid of warnings when building on ARM...

Nick Clifton
Wed Oct 27 11:05:00 GMT 1999

Hi Scott,

: I was cross compiling binutils and decided to examine all the warnings. 
: Tne attached patch gets rid of all warnings except those for
: signed-unsigned comparisons and unused parameters.

Thanks for the patch.  Could you include ChangeLog entries next time
as well ?

: Well not quite.  There is still one left in gas/write.c.  In
: write_object_file(), the variable punt is passed to elf_frob_symbol()
: and tc_frob_symbol().  I believe they should be passed the address of
: punt.  Comments?

Not quite.  The obj_frob_symbol() macro should take the address of
punt.  See similar definitions in config/obj-elf.h and
config/obj-coff.h.  I have made this change to your patch and checked
the results in.


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