version script not stripping .dynstr, only .dynsym

Mike Shaver
Fri Oct 15 12:56:00 GMT 1999

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> This does look rather suspicious.  I suspect it is a bug.  You don't
> need to report the bug to bug-gnu-utils as well; mentioning it here is
> enough.

Great, thanks.

> If you can provide a small complete test case, that might help.
> However, it will probably suffice if the above link does not disappear
> before the bug is fixed.

That link is a reflection of our CVS tree, and I don't think anyone's
planning to muck with the version script until we get this .dynstr issue
resolved.  Just to be safe, I'll warn people off.

If there's any help I can offer in terms of testing or additional
information, please let me know.


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