IBM S/370 and binutils

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Oct 29 09:36:00 GMT 1999

   Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 11:50:28 -0500 (CDT)

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   > Date: Wednesday, October 27, 1999 7:40 PM
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   > >   I am forwarding this message to inform the binutils developers that I
   > >   believe that any further use of the ELF machine type EM_I370 (0xF00F)
   > should
   > >   be discontinued.

   I picked this value in the absence of any other suitable value.
   There is no formal ELF ABI that would specify such a value,
   although I have been working on & off with folks inside of IBM 
   (the TJ Watson research center) to create such an ABI.  Clearly,
   among the first steps would be to designate a machine type.  

   Please let me know who I should contact to get this (and also, 
   a type for the binary format) reserved in the most suitably 
   official manner possible.

Talk to  They maintain the lists of official ELF
machine numbers.  They'll give you a number if you ask, although
sometimes you have to ask a few times.  It may help to pull in
somebody from IBM; they seem to take big companies more seriously than
free software people.

First, though, is there some reason that it is inappropriate to use
EM_S370?  I don't know anything about the 370, so that may be a stupid


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