ARM testsuite failures...

Nick Clifton
Fri Oct 29 07:19:00 GMT 1999

Hi Scott,

: I cannot find any documentation on what --gc-sections is supposed to
: do.

>From ld/ld.texinfo:

  @itemx --gc-sections
  Enable garbage collection of unused input sections.  It is ignored
  on targets that do not support this option.  This option is not
  compatible with @samp{-r}, nor should it be used with dynamic
  linking.  The default behaviour (of not performing this garbage
  collection) can be restored by specifying @samp{--no-gc-sections} on
  the command line.

: Should this test even be run for targets arm*-unknown-linux-gnu?

I don't see why not.  This is a test of the compiler and linker and it
is not OS specific.  (It is file format specific, though.  It only
works for ELF.  But arm-linux uses ELF doesn't it ? )

However the failure of selective6 has been with use for some time.  I
belive that Catherine had a fix for it though, so maybe she can


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