version script not stripping .dynstr, only .dynsym

Mike Shaver
Thu Oct 14 10:07:00 GMT 1999

We use the simple version script at
to reduce the size of our component shared libraries.  It
manages to take references to all other symbols out of .dynsym, but
doesn't do the same with .dynstr:

Without script:
.dynsym           387040    162560
.dynstr          1231076    549600
With script:
.dynsym              5664      2624
.dynstr           1231085      8288

As you can see, we'd love to get rid of most of that .dynstr stuff as
well, because it would be a major footprint savings.  (The above is for
but a single library, albeit one of our largest ones.)

Before I report it as a bug (via, right?), I'd
just like to confirm that I'm not doing something wrong here.

[shaver@zamboni:build]$ ld -v
GNU ld version 2.9.1 (with BFD


154274.29 144040.21

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