Dan Sirbu
Wed Oct 13 07:43:00 GMT 1999


   I would like to know how can I compile the linker ld-2.9.1 to generate
the stabs as gcc- I have slackware version 4.0 with ld version 2.8.2
and this version generates the same stabs as gcc- Now, when going to
RedHat-6.1, the ld version 2.9.1 does not generates the same type of stabs.
I try to find the version 2.8.2 but i was unable to do so. Instead I found
the version 2.8.1, I compile it and when linking I get the same stabs as
with 2.9.1 on the RedHat-6.1.
  What should I do to obtain the same stabs as with gcc- when
compiling the linker (binutils) ?


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