Reloc changes to bfd/elf32-mips.c

Geoff Keating
Wed Oct 6 19:21:00 GMT 1999

> Date: 29 Sep 1999 01:02:38 -0400
> From: Ian Lance Taylor <>

> We are somehow talking at cross purposes.  I don't see why what you
> are saying has much to do with what I am saying.

That happens a lot.

Perhaps you could explain what you think the code should be doing?
This is often much more helpful than simply saying `I think this is
wrong', since the usual response is `well, I think it is right'.

My test case for this is the following:

configure --target=mipstx39-unknown-elf
cat > test.s <<EOF
   .dword l1+16
gas/as-new test.s -o test.o
ld/ld-new -Ttext 0x12345678 test.o -o test.out
binutils/objdump -j .text -s test.out

and without my patch I see

Contents of section .text:
 12345678 00000000 12345678                    .....4Vx        

when I expect to see

Contents of section .text:
 12345678 00000000 12345688                    .....4V.        

Geoffrey Keating <>

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