i386-mingw32 binaries crashing on win95

Jan-Jaap van der Heijden janjaap@Wit381304.student.utwente.nl
Tue Oct 5 19:57:00 GMT 1999


All binaries compiled by current binutils snapshots, built as
linux->mingw32 cross, crash on windows 95.

  "<UNKNOWN> caused invalid page fault in module <unknown>"

GDB can't execute it ("error creating process")

binutils snapshot of 990827 works fine, 990926 & 991005 fail.

The changlogs mention quite a few PE related changes to BFD, binutils and
ld around sep. 11,12. However, since that's two weeks ago, did somebody
else find simular problems? GCC version used is 2.95.1.


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