Weird relocations

Toshi Morita
Sat Oct 2 22:49:00 GMT 1999

Quick recap:

I'm seeing DWARF1 debug info in a final executable where the DW_high_pc
is lower than the DW_low_pc, and it looks like the DW_low_pc isn't properly
resolved; e.g. it has a value like 0000008 or 00000010.

Okay, Ian Lance Taylor replied:

> I don't know why you are seeing relocations against symbols named .L*.
> I wonder whether you have this patch in your sources:
> 1999-06-13  Ian Lance Taylor  <>
>         * write.c (adjust_reloc_syms): Rather than never reducing reloc
>         which refer to symbols in linkonce sections, permit reducing the
>         relocs if the symbol is local.
>As you can see, this again leads me to think about linkonce sections.
>In what section are those symbols actually defined?

Yup, I checked a few of the symbols and they do seem to be in .gnu.linkonce
sections...can any meaningful inferences be made from this?


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