arm questions

Lee Smith
Fri Apr 16 00:43:00 GMT 1999

At 09:36 PM 4/15/99 +0100, Philip Blundell wrote:


>In fact as far as Linux is concerned it probably wouldn't be an especially 
>big deal to introduce RELA in parallel with REL if we wanted to.  I think 
>there were rumblings that the ARM SDT compiler was primarily using RELA,

No. ARM only uses REL. We see no advantage to RELA. However, our ELF
linker (not yet released) handles RELA or any mix of REL and RELA
(as the ELF standard seems to intend).

AFAIK, Green Hills uses RELA only in its ARM ELF tool chain.

>so we 
>might end up doing it in order to be able to interwork with them.  Our
>linker can be taught to handle binaries with an arbitrary mix of reloc
>I think, and I imagine binutils can be made to handle this too if it doesn't 
>>   2)
>>   Whats the R_ARM_THM_XPC22 reloc for?
>>I dunno.  Philip Blundell is on the list.  Phil, do you know?
>Actually no.  Thumb isn't really my area.  I've sent a Cc of this mail to
>Smith (who did the original assignment of reloc numbers if I remember right).
>Lee, any ideas?

Actually, it should be R_ARM_THM_XPC23. It applies to an Architecture V5
variant BL instruction. Consider it a placeholder for now.


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