patch was: dwarf2 debug dependent upon GAS?

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Mar 11 10:44:00 GMT 1999

   From: Jason Merrill <>
   Date: 11 Mar 1999 10:31:35 -0800

    >    This is irrelevant to your patch, but on Linux the local symbols do
    >    show up in the symbol table, as I remembered; I always filter nm
    >    output as a result.  This may be a gas thing.  Any gas folk care to
    >    comment?

    > Yes, there is some bad interaction going on, I believe related to
    > debugging references to local symbols in non-standard sections.  The
    > assembler is not converting them into relocs against a section symbol
    > for some reason.  I've never gotten around to looking into it.

   I assume that fixing this would dramatically improve link time for DWARF2?

I would not expect to see a dramatic improvement, but maybe there is
something I am overlooking.  You can probably estimate the improvement
by linking with the --discard-locals option.


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