patch was: dwarf2 debug dependent upon GAS?

Jason Merrill
Thu Mar 11 00:02:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> Robert Lipe <> writes:

[ context: SCO as doesn't support referring to the section name as a
symbol, so we're changing the dwarf2 code in gcc to spit out a label to use
instead. ]

 >>  >> shortening the label names, so as to use less space in the symbol
 >>  >> table.
 >>  > They're locals, so they don't go in the symbol table, right?
 >>  > They certainly don't appear in nm or even a 'strings -a' of the
 >>  > resulting dot-o.
 >> Don't they?  I thought they would, since we are creating relocs
 >> against them.

 > Uuuh, no.  That's how we started this discussion.  The section name
 > was treated as a local label for the beginning of the section in this
 > compilation unit.   Therefore, they're completely local and don't need
 > to appear in the symbol table.

This is irrelevant to your patch, but on Linux the local symbols do show up
in the symbol table, as I remembered; I always filter nm output as a
result.  This may be a gas thing.  Any gas folk care to comment?


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