What is it?

Newlib is a C library intended for use on embedded systems. It is a conglomeration of several library parts, all under free software licenses that make them easily usable on embedded products.

Newlib is only available in source form. It can be compiled for a wide array of processors, and will usually work on any architecture with the addition of a few low-level routines.


Newlib thrives on net contributions from people like you. We're looking for contributions of code, bugfixes, optimizations, documentation updates, web page improvements, etc. A nice testsuite to automate the testing of newlib is also needed. Contributions are currently done by posting patches and ideas to newlib@sourceware.org; check out the mailing list section to find out more.

Ideally, please send patches and patch series in `git format-patch' format, sent with `git send-email' or alike. Patch series should come with a cover letter (git format-patch --cover-letter option) describing the patch series.

Who are we?

Newlib is maintained by:

Corinna Vinschen <vinschen AT redhat DOT com>
Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn AT redhat DOT com>

Please use the mailing list for all inquiries, bug reports, and patch submissions to Newlib. Please refrain from sending unsolicited personal email.