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Re: Sid verbose trace reveals missing sid-control-tksm component - again

tk.h and tcl.h on my system,

david@ciii-p227:~/control1.1$ locate tk.h

david@ciii-p227:~/control1.1$ locate tcl.h

and may be, this help...

david@ciii-p227:~/src/sid/component/tcl$ ./configure | grep tcl
checking tcl in build tree... -L../../../tcl/unix -ltcl8.4
checking tcl.h usability... no
checking tcl.h presence... no
checking for tcl.h... no

david@ciii-p227:~/src/sid/component/tcl$ ./configure | grep tk
checking tk in build tree... -L../../../tk/unix -ltk8.4
checking tk.h usability... no
checking tk.h presence... no
checking for tk.h... no

Thank you.

2009/2/26 Frank Ch. Eigler <>:
> Hi -
>> im experimenting the same problem that Suleman reported on
>> 2007-08-25 as fixed, but in my case his work-aroung dont fix the
>> problem and the configure script cant find the tk.h header when i
>> run it in the sid/component/tcl folder [...].
> Where is your tk.h file on your system? ?Does sid find tcl.h?
> - FChE

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