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Re: Building SID

Hmmm -- I don't see any destructor for armTimerNoSched in any previous revision.

destructor to armTimerSched. Try this patch and let me know if it works
for you.

I just did, and it compiles (O_o). How utterly odd, because that is exactly how the code looked before I patched it the first time. Oh well never mind, the intricacies and magics of C++ never stops to amaze me (nor scare the bejesus out of me) ;)

Frankey: make install

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/ambrmi09/projects/sid/debug/tcl/unix'
Installing libtcl8.4.a to /home/ambrmi09/bin/skiff//lib/
Installing tclsh as /home/ambrmi09/bin/skiff//bin/tclsh8.4
Installing to /home/ambrmi09/bin/skiff//lib/
Installing libtclstub8.4.a to /home/ambrmi09/bin/skiff//lib/
Installing header files
Installing library files to /home/ambrmi09/bin/skiff//share/tcl8.4
Installing library http1.0 directory
Installing library http2.4 directory
Installing library opt0.4 directory
Installing library msgcat1.3 directory
Installing library tcltest2.2 directory
Installing library encoding directory
Installing top-level (.1) docs
Cross-linking top-level (.1) docs

But still no tksm... ;(


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