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Re: Building SID

Thanks. It's difficult for me to look into it since I can't reproduce it.

yes, I figured. Glad to help as much as I can delousing the class.

This relates to the removal of throw () specifiers from the SID API recently. The correct patch is to remove the throw specifier on ~armTimer completely. I'll test it and commit it, hopefully today.

Great, thanx.

I just had a try with sid using x86 and it works great. It's not
lightning fast executing the code, but at least it loads much faster
than a real target and that what's been the biggest bottleneck for me
so far. It already helped me finding 1 real bottleneck in the code and
one bug (and I've only used it for 45 minuets! :) ).

I've not reached to the parts beneath the system calls yet, so I still
cant tell if sid will work for me all the way. But it looks very
promising so far.

BTW wouldn't it be nice to have some interactive command component
(user interface) for the console that starts sid? Something that could
also be available via gdb monitor commands. I find it difficult to
send signals to the debugged process when using graphical front-ends
like kdevelop or Eclipse. I have that problem with most real remote
debuggers too (but not all) and I can't figure out why.

The effect is that I can't halt the execution without killing the
debugger, which forces me start the session all over from the very
start. Any ideas...?


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