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Re: Building SID

OK, you should be able to use --target=i386-elf and not bother with
all the other targets.

I'm not sure that I can, but I'll try. The reason is related to why sid is an interesting project to me. What I was using the first time was a cross compiler that, even though build,host and target main architectures are the same, targets a different "system".

I had some more thinking yesterday and It's actually quite strange
that sid started at all since that compiler is seriously patched. The
syscalls and crt0.o among others are replaced (I'm working on an
embedded file system to be used in conjunction with newlib). This is
the reason I can't use gdb-type of simulators and also why I can't use
native tools either.

The code is not architecture dependant, but since it's just below the
syscalls level, I've had to run and debug on a real target so far.
This is becoming increasingly slow and I'm looking for something

I've tried QEMU which works, but it's unfortunately even slower than
the real target.

Does sid rely on the code being debugged to interact with the
simulator using normal file streams or is every OP-code executed in a
virtual machine?


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