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Future of SID

I was wondering what are the future plans for SID.
I have tried it, for study purpose, and I was able to run an arm program.
But I need to make more complex designs, an N-way SMP for example, or to test DMA effects on program performance etc.
There are no examples showing how to configure such boards, (except a mailing thread or two talking about SMP). I looked for components such as a TLB that I could plug on the bus, or DMA controller that I can use to generate IO traffic, but could not find any.

Are there plans to extend the list of supported components, beyond the basic components of an embedded system board?
Are you planning to add examples for setting various type of boards ? (This is very very important, especially for me, as I am no expert on board design).
What about the support for 'bochs' (x86). Are you going to continue work on that when new 'bochs' is released?

The bottom question is what are you planning for the next couple of years for SID. Is it going to develop toward a general purpose simulation tool, one that can be used by the research community (need more components, examples, diagrams) or remain a special purpose simulator for arm based processors?

Thanks a lot.

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