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Re: how to add new instructions in gcc and test

Hi -

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 08:20:25PM +0600, aram bharathi wrote:
> [...]
> i like to upgrade the gcc with some more extra instructions for the ARM
> processor. but if i write the new instruction then how can i check the
> newly added instructions are working correctly or not. and how can i
> verify the output is correct!!! [...]

You need some way of getting gcc to trigger those extra instructions,
whether it's inline assembly or something else.  Add such a program
to the gcc test suite, and include assertions to confirm that the
instructions did the right thing (assuming they change simple testable
state like memory or registers).

Then you need to update one of the arm simulators (the one in gdb, or
sid's cgen version) to model the new instructions.  This part of the
work is not well documented, but it's not too scary.

Finally, you run the gcc test suite against the arm simulator
of your choice.

- FChE

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