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Re: Committed: src/cpu/cris.cpu, intended for src/sim/ src/sid/component/cgen-cpu/ but some problems

Hi -

> > Plus sid is not as well known, and some people have expressed
> > reservations about Red Hat retaining its copyright over the
> > core of the software.
> BTW, we'll have to resolve the copyright issue for the CRISv32
> sid port and assorted components to be merged.  [...]
> Is there a defined path for contributing to SID without copyright
> assignment to Red Hat?  Can this be solved?  

We have been taking contributions to sid and cgen without formal
copyright assignment: your copyright would just get added to
the list.  CGEN needs to be modified to be taught this, to avoid
the rubber-stamping of "Copyright (C) Red Hat" in sid-bound
generated files.

> (I thought such a
> path was in progress of being defined a year ago or so, or sid
> copyright assigned to the FSF or suchlike.) [...]

That was for eCos, a process which sadly appears stalled.

- FChE

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