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Re: can sid use CGEN-defined cpu as a simulat component

Hi -

On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 02:19:44PM +0000,   wrote:
> [...]
> What I want to do now is to build an CGEN-CPU componet, such as an DSP CPU. 
> After read the CDK and the source file,I think the process of building it 
> is:
> 1, write the .cpu file in CGEN's RTL( fortunately I know how to do now ^-^)
> 2, make cgen-all under the sid build tree
> 3, hand writing files 
>   * write a file like m32rbf.cxx and m32rbf.h in m32r, (is it what you mean 
> in last letter u giveme? However, I have no imformation about how to write 
> this file.)
>   * mordify the compCGEN.cxx file under ../cgen-cpu.I see in this file some 
> CPU-dependent imformation:
>  [...]
> Are these right? If so, could you please offer me more information about 
> how to do this hand writing or where to get the guide document?

You're on the right track.  We do not have a public document that lists
all the necessary steps, but one general approach is to completely
duplicate/rename an existing port (m32r as a simple case), then hack on
it until it works for your port.  Another approach, for prototyping only,
is to replace the guts of an existing port, so the old name and build
infrastructure (Makefiles, configure*, compCGEN.cxx, etc.) can remain

- FChE

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