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Re: Fw: [ECOS] how to build an eCos library for ARM7tdmi simulator

Hi -

On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 08:37:39AM -0700, T Satish Kumar wrote:
> well, No, even after running
> 1. arm-elf-sid --board=pid7t-normalmap --gdb=2000 -EL &
> 2.arm-elf-gdb -nw twothreads.x
> 3. target remote localhost:2000
> i get a message displaying:
> localhost:2000  Attempt to connect timed out with out establishing a
> connection.
> well, incase i run arm-elf-sid with --tksm option , i get a stackdump (i.e
> sid.exe.stackdump)

Neither of these two failures sound familiar.  Perhaps you have a
misbuilt or misinstalled simulator, or some other unique problem.
For the first case, try adding "-v" to the arm-elf-sid command
line: it will produce lots of tracing output, the tail end of which
should give some hint about what's going wrong.  Try a TCP port
number other than 2000.  You can try catching sid's crash under a
debugger, if you first "arm-elf-sid --no-run [other-options]",
then run sid directly under the debugger: "gdb -args sid sid.conf"/"run"
or somesuch.

> i m not able to proceed further after this in either cases..
> someone plz help me at the earliest..

For what it's worth, Red Hat offers support contracts on its
software, which entitle customers to more in-depth help than
you might have reason to expect here.

- FChE

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