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Re: [ECOS] how to build an eCos library for ARM7tdmi simulator

Hi -

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 10:56:13AM -0700, T Satish Kumar wrote:
> well, i even tried installin a new version insight-5.2..
> and did the same check..but still i m not able to connect to the target.
> what could be the problem..?

This problem lies exclusively with gdb/insight.  It has nothing to do with
how you built the simulator or your twothreads.x arm-elf program.  There
was a bug in gdb/insight that was likely fixed by this gdb/gdbtk change:

2002-07-31  Keith Seitz  <>

        * library/browserwin.itb (_full_funcs_combo): Remove "-modal"
        option from tk_messageBox call. It was redhat-local in tk8.0,
        but is no longer in tk8.3.
        * library/download.itb (download_it): Likewise.
        * library/interface.tcl (gdbtk_tcl_query): Likewise.
        (show_warning): Likewise.
        (set_exe): Likewise.
        (set_target): Likewise.
        * library/memwin.itb (error_dialog): Likewise.
        * library/srcwin.itb (fillFuncCB): Likewise.
        * library/util.tcl (tfind_cmd): Likewise.

You can either hand-edit the affected gdbtk files to remove this "-modal"
flag, or build a new copy of insight from a more recent gdb snapshot.

- FChE

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