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RE: [ECOS] how to build an eCos library for ARM7tdmi simulator

On Fri, 2002-09-13 at 00:16, Satish Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
>         i followed the build procedure of sid, as stated in ur mails 
> was able to finish it sucessfully. but i m not able to connect to the
> target board. i.e initially i tried this command:
> arm-elf-sid --board=arm7t-normalmap -gdb=2000 -EL --tksm &
> i got a message stating 'Unknown board arm7t-normalmap'
> later i tried a different command:
> arm-elf-sid --board=pid7t-normalmap -gdb=2000 -EL --tksm &
> this time,i got a message stating : [1] 816
> well next when i run the command
> arm-elf-gdb twothread.x
> the debugger window opened with the source file displyed in the source 
> window, now i clicked on Run->Connect to target. and i used the same
> settings as stated:
> Target: Remote/TCP.
> Host:localHost.
> port:2000
> set breakpoint at 'cyg_user_start'
> and other breakpoint at the exit.
> on pressing ok, i get an Error message stating:
> Error:bad option "-modal" : must be -default,-icon,-message,-parent,-title,
> or -type..
> and i m not able to run the program..plz kindly tell me how to run the 
> sid simulator for arm7tdmi and how to run my application programs once 
> they are compiled using the ecos library built for pid.

Try running without "--tksm".  This only turns on the Tk (GUI) 
configuration tool, which you can do without [at least for the start].

Also, there was really no reason to quote Robert's *entire* HTML
document - it just wastes bandwidth.

Gary Thomas                  |
eCosCentric, Ltd.            |  
+1 (970) 229-1963            |  eCos & RedBoot experts      |  |

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