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Re: Co-simulation with SID

Hi -

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 03:05:59PM +0100, Robert Cragie wrote:
> I read in the SID Faq-O-Matic that SID has been used with an HDL Simulator.
> Can anyone give me more details on what work was done here 

There was a prototype sid component that, in conjunction with a special
startup shell, interfaced a Synopsis HDL model of some peripheral to a
running SID model of an encompassing computer.  It was a little prototype
of a specialized protocol bridge.  It worked okay, from what I recall.

> and if it is likely to be included in the open source project? 

This is unlikely.  A baby prototype dealing with a third-party 
proprietary tool would not help an open-source project. :-(

> Or give me some pointers as to how I might go about developing 'proxy'
> components which would interact with an HDL simulator?

The size of such bridging code may not be too large, provided that
one designs a decent mapping between the SID and HDL abstractions.
Issues to consider involve whether a slave/master or peer-to-peer
relationship is more appropriate; embedding one sim within another
vs. running separately; how/whether to synchronize simulated time;
configuration & startup.

What do you have in mind?

- FChE

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