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RE: Trying to run on pid7t board

> This may not concern (interest) the eCos guys.  SID can do a better job
> of emulating the RAM startup environment that eCos expects.  This
> "normalmap" option is just one possibility.  Another one is to actually
> run a copy of RedBoot or cygmon or whatever on SID.  Then you can upload
> your application via a simulated serial port, making it look to gdb etc.
> much more like it was a real board.

OK, I won't mention it to the eCos guys. I see the memory components can
have an image file, allowing a boot monitor to be there on 'power up'.

> For the pid7t configuration, sid models two uarts.  The arm-elf-sid script
> can take options to let you tell it how you'd like these simulated uarts
> to be connected to the real world.  This is done with more
> --board options.
> For example "--board=3Dpid7t-uart1:stdio-uart2:3000" would connect the
> simulated uart1 to the simulator's console, and uart2 to a tcp (listening)
> socket at port 3000.  One can also add a tk-based terminal window, or add
> one after startup if using tksm.

With some further juggling of eCos configuration, I have got it printing to
the gdb console (-uart1:gdb), to the console sid was run from (-uart1:stdio)
and the tksm tty window. Excellent! Now I am having problems with the
timer-related calls (cyg_thread_delay() etc.) - I notice in the list this
was also seen by Cristiano Pereira (04-Mar-02). I have done some debugging,
and timer interrupt seems to fire once, then a data_abort exception is
thrown a bit later; looks like the pc was 0xe59d0044. Ho hum. I will try to
get to the bottom of what is going on - if anyone has any ideas, I'd
appreciate them.

> I suspect that the sid gloss component proper (simulated system calls) is
> not even used in these configurations.  If you mean the usual simulator
> debugging interface, then yes, that's right.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge; I have only just started getting into sid.
It looks really good and I hope to be using it much more in the future.
Thanks for your prompt and helpful support.

Robert Cragie, Design Engineer
Jennic Ltd, Furnival Street, Sheffield, S1 4QT,  UK  Tel: +44 (0) 114 281 2655

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