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RE: compiling sid in cygwin


./configure --disable-nls

[directory sid/component/cgen-cpu]
.libs/impgen /usr/lib/libintl.dll.a > .libs/libintl.dll.a-def
Signal 11
make[6]: ** [] Error 139

Running last command manually results in segmentation fault.

Running make again get you pass this and it stops when building sid.exe
with following errors: 
../../component/cgen-cpu/.libs/libcgencpu.a(m32r-asm.o): In function 'm32r_cgen_build_insn_regex':
In function 'm32r-asm.c:454: undefined reference to 'xregcomp'

Anybody seen this before? 
Suggestions how to solve this?



-----Original Message-----
From: Frank Ch. Eigler []
Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 4:48 PM
To: Björn Runåker (QIC)
Cc: ''
Subject: Re: compiling sid in cygwin

Hi -

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 01:08:16PM +0200, Björn Runåker (QIC) wrote:
> I have problems when compiling sid. 
> I can get ./configure to work [...] but
> make stops when it doesn't find msgfmt.

Yes, sid's neighbouring source trees are fragile with respect to
i18n issues.  Repeat your configure job, this time with "--disable-nls",
and you will have better luck.  An alternative way is to run make with

> [...]
> I use latest version of cygwin and latest snapshot of sid.

Sounds good.

- FChE

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