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Patch - Add restrict to time.h


This should be the next to the last patch in the Google Code-In
add restrict keyword series. wchar.h should be the last.

This patch has one oddity -- strftime and wcsftime are built
from the same source as best I can tell. And there are multiple
versions of them in the same file to support different build

Please review this one a little closer than the others.

I hope this version is OK to commit but won't be surprised
if there are comments. I tried to review it carefully but...


2013-11-24  Sahil Patnayakuni <>

        * libc/include/time.h (time): Add restrict keyword.
        * libc/include/wchar.h (wcsftime): Add restrict keyword.
        * libc/time/asctime_r.c (asctime_r): Same.
        * libc/time/gmtime_r.c (gmtime_r): Same.
        * libc/time/lcltime_r.c (lcltime_r): Same.
        * libc/time/strftime.c (strftime): Same.
        * libc/time/strptime.c (strptime): Same.
        * libc/sys/linux/linuxthreads/timer_create.c (timer_create): Same.
        * libc/sys/linux/linuxthreads/timer_settime.c (timer_settime):

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