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Re: newlib git?

On 2013-11-21 19:00, Tom Tromey wrote:
> cgf> I'm sure that Tom will be willing to do some handholding but he probably
> cgf> doesn't want to be "Mr. Git" for every project on sourceware.
> The good news is that all the heavy lifting is done and, for the most
> part, documented.
> The binutils-gdb conversion was very hairy because it involved stitching
> together ancient (pre-devo) gdb release tarballs, a pre-"src" drop of
> part of devo, and then of course the "src" history.
> If you want to do this, all the scripts are available, but you'll still
> need to do some reasonably serious testing yourself:
> If you don't mind a "simple" conversion, you can clone the above and
> follow the directions in, skipping the "old releases" and
> "devo" and "graft-and-filter" steps.
> The only real gotcha is that the user map I used is tailored to
> binutils-gdb.  You may have users not appearing in there.  So, you will
> need to update it to suit.

It appears that binutils-gdb did not do what Libtool did when Libtool
converted its repo to git. I.e. binutils-gdb has the same problem with
incorrect author-tags [1] that the read-only git mirror of newlib has.
I assume Libtool used something like this:

That said, I don't know if that was the final version of the filter
that was actually used, but it sounds as if it can be a good start.



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