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Re: libc/sys/rdos has DOS format files


You can run dos2unix on them.

A general problem with the rdos target in newlib is that it is out-of-date and no longer functional in newer releases of rdos. I was about to update the rdos files half a year ago, but then run into a few problems and lack of time. I did get most of the
changes in GCC done and commited.

A problem was with the multitasking interface, which was not well-done in newlib for supporting targets with a native thread interface not compatible with Posix threads. Has this been modified so it is possible to provide a thread-safe library without special names for reentrant functions using TLS-support?

Leif Ekblad

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Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 3:15 PM
Subject: libc/sys/rdos has DOS format files


A lot of files in this directory have CR/LF line terminators.

Is this intentional or can I run dos2unix on them and commit
the result?

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