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Re: [PATCH] arm, provide ftruncate() and truncate() stubs.

On 14/11/13 17:24, Marcus Shawcroft wrote:
> This one might be a tad contraversial...

But obviously not controversial enough to cause any responses.

> We have a customer providing his own libgloss. His libgloss provides a 
> sane ftruncate(). The vanilla ARM libgloss does not provide an 
> ftruncate() implementation hence when libgfortran is configured, 
> autoconf does not detect ftruncate() and configures in a call to emit a 
> run time diagnostic instead of calling ftruncate().
> The intention here is to provide an ftruncate stub to ensure that 
> libgfortran configury configures in the ftruncate call. The stub always 
> returns failure because we have no mechanism to implement a sane 
> ftruncate over the AngelAPI.
> OK?
> Cheers
> /Marcus
> libgloss
> 	* arm/ftruncate.c: New.
> 	* arm/truncate.c: New.
> 	* arm/ (RDPMON_OBJS): Add ftruncate.o and truncate.o.
> 	(rdimon-ftruncate.o, rdimon-truncate.o): New rule:
> newlib
> 	* libc/include/sys/unistd.h (ftruncate, truncate): Define
> 	for __arm__.



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