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PATCH - Add C99 restrict to stdio


Attached is a patch which adds the restrict keyword
as required to stdio.h methods. An attempt was made
to add them everywhere. I only built the documentation
and sparc-rtems.

If someone could compile the spu, that would be appreciated.

Otherwise, please review. and OK to apply?

2013-11-15  Sahil Patnayakuni  <>

	* libc/include/stdio.h, libc/machine/powerpc/vfscanf.c,
	libc/machine/spu/fgetpos.c, libc/machine/spu/fgets.c,
	libc/machine/spu/fopen.c, libc/machine/spu/fputs.c,
	libc/machine/spu/fread.c, libc/machine/spu/freopen.c,
	libc/machine/spu/fwrite.c, libc/machine/spu/setbuf.c,
	libc/machine/spu/vfprintf.c, libc/machine/spu/vfscanf.c,
	libc/machine/spu/vsnprintf.c, libc/machine/spu/vsprintf.c,
	libc/machine/spu/vsscanf.c, libc/stdio/asnprintf.c,
	libc/stdio/asprintf.c, libc/stdio/dprintf.c,
	libc/stdio/fgetpos.c, libc/stdio/fgets.c,
	libc/stdio/fmemopen.c, libc/stdio/fopen.c,
	libc/stdio/fprintf.c, libc/stdio/fputs.c,
	libc/stdio/fread.c, libc/stdio/freopen.c,
	libc/stdio/fscanf.c, libc/stdio/fwrite.c,
	libc/stdio/printf.c, libc/stdio/scanf.c,
	libc/stdio/setbuf.c, libc/stdio/snprintf.c,
	libc/stdio/sprintf.c, libc/stdio/sscanf.c,
	libc/stdio/vdprintf.c, libc/stdio/vprintf.c,
	libc/stdio/vscanf.c, libc/stdio/vsnprintf.c,
	libc/stdio/vsprintf.c, libc/stdio/vsscanf.c: Add restrict keyword.

Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development        On-Line Applications Research
Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS  Huntsville AL 35805
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