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[Patch ARM] Fix up some issues with init-cpu code in T32 state.


This fixes up some issues uncovered while building the cpu-init code in a default T32 state, apparently the cpu-init code was always only built in ARM state and not T32 state which is strange. Additionally it wasn't always built for the right multilib sometimes and I tracked that down to the CPU_INIT_OBJS rule in the fragment not having the right CFLAGS.

* Turn rdimon-aem.S into an empty file for M class cores.
* Additionally not call _rdimon_hw_init_hook from crt0.S
* Force everything into ARM state anyway as it really doesn't matter.

<DATE>  Ramana Radhakrishnan  <>

	 * libgloss/arm/cpu-init/rdimon-aem.S: Disable for M class cores.
* libgloss/arm/crt0.S: Don't call _rdimon_hw_init_hook for non-A class cores.
	 * libgloss/arm/cpu-init/ (CPU_INIT_OBJS): Use CFLAGS.

Tested on arm-none-eabi with a set of multilibs with no regressions and Joey confirms that it fixes his issues.

Ok ? if so can someone commit this for me please ?


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