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Re: Proper Conditionals for POSIX CX and XSI

Thanks! That certainly clarifies things. Now I just need to get to coding. :)

We had a student working on adding restrict but he was working from home mostly. I need to get back with him now that he is back in school and start reviewing and submitting his patches.

Mike Frysinger <> wrote:

On Thursday 18 July 2013 12:01:20 Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I am trying to write the rules to give to a future volunteer which
> may or may not be me.
> Is it possible to get group consensus on the conditionals which reflect
> each of the columns in the API tables for SUS V4?

i think POSIX dictates the defines and their values already.  like here:

> I am having trouble seeing how each API standard doesn't correspond
> to a single conditional or maybe a POSIX standard range. And if it
> was required by K&R or C89 or XXX, then it is unconditional.

iiuc, when POSIX adds things, there's no guarantees that it adds everything at
once from a specific external spec, or at the same time.  or when things get
removed.  so different spec versions can yield a different feature set.

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