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Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Add a small Linux BSP

On 07/25/13 19:43, Edgar E. Iglesias wrote:
On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 04:10:51AM +0200, David Holsgrove wrote:
-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Eager []
Sent: Friday, 26 July 2013 11:43 am
To:;; David Holsgrove
Subject: Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Add a small Linux BSP

On 07/23/13 02:11, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jul 23 17:16, David Holsgrove wrote:
On 23 July 2013 17:10, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
On Jul 23 16:25, David Holsgrove wrote:
From: "David Holsgrove" <...>


2013-07-23  Edgar E. Iglesias <...>

    * microblaze/ Add LINUX_BSP.
    * microblaze/elf-gloss-linux.ld: New file.
    * microblaze/elf-gloss-linux.specs: Likewise.
    * microblaze/linux-crt0.S: Likewise.
    * microblaze/linux-inbyte.c: Likewise.
    * microblaze/linux-outbyte.c: Likewise.
    * microblaze/linux-syscalls-wrap.c: Likewise.
    * microblaze/linux-syscalls.S: Likewise.
    * microblaze/linux-syscalls.h: Likewise.

Please apply.

Thanks Corinna,

I don't have write perms on newlib - can I request them, or can you
apply the patch for me?

Everything applied.

This patch breaks breaks existing mb-gcc compilations.

Please revert the patch until it can be fixed.

Hi Michael,

Can you provide details regarding the breakage?

This should be a separate library and not linked in by default - what sort
of compilation errors are you seeing?

Hi Michael,

Reverting the patch breaks running the GCC + binutils testsuites on QEMU-user
which has proven to be an extremly valuable test environment for non linux
targets. It also doesn't break Xilinx internal testing environment on real HW.
I don't know how you test, but if you can post instructions, we will be happy
to help with fixing the issues you are seeing.

You can't break builds in FSF-gcc, simply because it doesn't break your internal

Here is a sample test:
mb-gcc testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/strcpy-1.c  -fno-diagnostics-show-caret
-fdiagnostics-color=never  -w  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer  -mno-xl-soft-mul
-mxl-barrel-shift -mcpu=v6.00.a -Wl,-defsym -Wl,_HEAP_SIZE=0x1000000 -Wl,-defsym -Wl,_STACK_SIZE=0x80000 -L microblaze_0/lib -lxil
-TLinkScr.ld  -lm   -o strcpy-1.x3

LinkScr.ld and libxil are from either EDK9.2i or EDK-14.2.

I don't have the failure log at the moment.

Michael Eager
1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306  650-325-8077

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