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Patch: Add __restrict to string.h


Attached is the first attempt at a patch to add __restrict
to prototypes per Single UNIX Specification V4.

  + __restrict is provided by <sys/cdefs.h> and <string.h>
    directly includes it.
  + Prototypes, implementations, and documentation were

cvs diff command.. just in case I might have missed an impacted

cvs diff -u libc/include/string.h libc/string \
     libc/machine/*/str*.c libc/machine/*/mem*.c

I picked string.h to submit first because I thought it was mostly
self-contained in newlib in a couple of directories.

Question: Prototypes in the documentation say __restrict.
Is this OK?

Please review this carefully. This is a mechanical but tedious
serious of patches and if this is right, the rest are more likely to



2013-07-18 Sahil Patnayakuni <>

    * libc/include/string.h, libc/string/memccpy.c, libc/string/memcpy.c,
    libc/string/stpcpy.c, libc/string/stpncpy.c, libc/string/strcat.c,
    libc/string/strncat.c, libc/string/strncpy.c, libc/string/strtok.c,
    libc/string/strtok_r.c, libc/string/strxfrm.c: Add __restrict to
    prototype to increase standards compliance.

Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development        On-Line Applications Research
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