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Re: [patch] fix configure for powerpc altivec and spe

On 07/16/2013 09:56 AM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> On 07/16/2013 12:44 PM, Janis Johnson wrote:
>> Jeff wrote:
>>> Why have you removed vec_callocr.o and vec_reallocr.o from the list of
>>> extra_objects for altivec?
>>> Other than that, the patch looks fine.
>> I removed those objects from the list because they didn't build and I
>> had not noticed that there is indeed support for them in vec_mallocr.c.
>> Now I see that the rules in for building those two objects
>> are quite different from the rules for building the other objects; where
>> are those rules generated, and how would I tweak that for objects that
>> have different base names from the source file?
> It has to be done manually in  You can base it on one of the
> generated rules for another object, put it into (adding the 
> additional define
> as needed and naming the object and source appropriately).

I'm confused.  The old rules are for $(lpfx)whatever.o and the generated
rules for the objects with matching sources are for lib_a-whatever.o, but
the list of objects doesn't use "lib_a-", which I suppose means that they
are built using default rules instead of the ones in the Makefile.  Should
the list in extra_objs use a prefix so they are built using the specific


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